Audio Effects and Music

Digital JuiceDigital Juice has a GIGANTIC library of resource material. Currently they offer a subscription based services, that accesses thousands of music bits, pre-made onscreen animations, etc. Older Digital Juice products were put onto DVD’s from which you could extract the file when you needed it. I use the older DVD’s and they suit me fine. I use Digital Juice for all my sound effects and music underlay.


free sound

This is a .Org Website I stumbled across. They are also a fantastic resource to use!

Photos, Video, and Audio Recording


I’ve used ADOBE products for over a decade. They’re constantly taking their products to the next level and I’ve seen it as a constant customer of theirs over the years. I use Adobe based products like:

1- Photoshop: To create logo’s and image headers

2- After Effects: To use for video animation and film effects

3- Soundbooth: For voice recording (I also like Adobe Audition)

4- Premier Pro: For video editing and export.

Rode shotgun

This is my Rode Shotgun Mic. I used this during my initial episodes, however it’s design isn’t meant for in-studio recording, but rather location shots as it mounts on top of all DSLR Camera’s.

I have since upgraded my recording equipment to the Blue Yeti Michrophone. At first I couldn’t understand why it picked up far more static noise than my Rode Mic. I have simply learned not to keep the recording equipment on the same desk as my computer because it picked up all the vibrations from the machine due to its sensitivity.

Displayed Photos


This website was a great find! If you’re an independent photographer, this is a site to help you be seen by other content developers like myself! This website enables users to download your portfolio pictures. They also link to your PayPal, encouraging down-loaders to tip you for providing the photo. It’s royalty free, and I’ve found some really talented individuals on there.

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